​Basic Science Research Group

Our Mission

The mission of the Basic Science Research Group (BSRG) is to enhance scientific understanding of the normal and pathological processes of the skin and its appendages. The BSRG promotes translational discovery and hypothesis testing, particularly as related to questions in skin and hair health.

Our Research

The topics investigated at the BSRG span diverse research areas, including melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer biology, hair follicle biology, inherited and autoimmune skin and hair disorders, Merkel-cell biology and disease, cutaneous somatosensation, photobiology, stem cells, epigenetics, in vivo and ex vivo modeling of skin diseases, and translational drug discovery. Additionally, the research performed at the NIH/NIAMS-funded epiCURE Center is designed to break down barriers to translational research and accelerate the progress of investigation in skin disease research to rapidly advance from basepairs to bedside.